Clayton R. Wright’s Educational Technology Conference List 2011

Clayton R. Wright, a wonderful colleague from Grant MacEwan University in Alberta, has once again sent around the absolute-most comprehensive list of conferences and meetings for educational technologists. Just six months worth takes over 40 pages.

Click here to view the list online or you can write to Clayton to get on his email list and receive the updated list every six months or so -> crwr77 [at]

Here’s the note from Clayton that accompanies his list. He’s a very special guy doing many wonderful things:

"This potpourri of educational technology conferences includes
gems such as “Saving Your Organisation from Boring eLearning”
and “Lessons and Insights from Ten eLearning Masters”. And, if
you wish, you can “Be an Open Learning Hero”. You will also find
that the number of mobile learning conferences (and conferences
that have a mobile learning component) have increased
significantly. Countries such as China, Indonesia, Japan, and
Thailand have shown a keen interest in mobile learning.

It would be impossible for you to be present at all the
conferences that you would like to attend. But, you could go
to the conference website/url during and after the conference.
Many conference organizers post abstracts, full papers, and/or
videos of conference presentations. Thus, you can visit the
conference virtually and may encounter information and contacts
that would be useful in your work.

The list below covers selected events focused primarily on the
use of technology in educational settings and on teaching,
learning, and educational administration. Only listings until
December 2011 are complete as dates, locations, or URLs are not
available for a number of events held after December 2011. But,
take a look at the conference organizers who planned ahead in

A Word 2003 format is used to enable people who do not have
access to Word 2007 or higher version and those with limited or
high-cost Internet access to find a conference that is congruent
with their interests or obtain conference proceedings.
(If you are seeking a more interactive listing, refer to online
conference sites.) Consider using the “Find” tool under
Microsoft Word’s “Edit” tab or similar tab in OpenOffice to locate
the name of a particular conference, association, city, or
country. If you enter the country “Australia” or “Singapore” in
the “Find” tool, all conferences that occur in Australia or
Singapore will be highlighted. Or, enter the word “research”.
Then, “cut and paste” a list of suitable events for yourself
and your colleagues.

Please note that events, dates, titles, and locations may change; thus,
CHECK the specific conference website. Note also that some events
will be cancelled at a later date. All Internet addresses were
verified at the time of publication. No liability is assumed for
any errors that may have been introduced inadvertently during the
assembly of this conference list. If possible, do not remove
the contact information when you re-distribute the list as that
is how I receive updates and corrections. If you mount the list
on the web, please note its source." crw, May 18, 2011


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