Clayton R. Wright’s Ed Tech Conferences Updated

We are pleased, and honoured, to host the latest edition of Clayton R. Wright’s Educational Technology and Related Education Conferences Listing – the May 2012 Edition.

This is by far the most authoritative listing of conferences in educational technology globally. It is 68 pages long (so you probably don’t want to print) 😀

Click here to access the full listing


News: Learning Portal Upgrade May 11 & 12, 2012

A quick note from Jeremy Graham regarding the upgrade to our Learning Portal on May 11 and 12, 2012.

Hi All. Just a reminder that our scheduled upgrade of the Blackboard Learn software that underlies the Portal will commence just shortly after midnight tonight. We will be out of service for the duration, and expect to be finished work by Saturday afternoon (the 12th).

Any significant progress updates will be posted at:
(which is also linked on our documentation and help site at


Jeremy Graham
Technical Operations Manager,
Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI),
University of Toronto

NB from the editor: This is an annual upgrade scheduled a year in advance. The annual upgrade is meant to bring us better stability, improved performance and more functionality. Thank you for your patience while the work is going on. – AH

Resources: Repositories of Digital Learning Resources

I am very happy to post a link to a fabulous site developed by my colleagues in the University of Toronto Libraries.

The Learning Objects and Open Courseware site is a selective list of major repositories of learning objects and open courseware that can be used in classroom teaching and online learning environments.

Learning objects take many forms, including animations, tutorials, videos, journal articles, and quizzes. Educators may include learning objects in their lessons and students may use them to complement and enhance classroom learning.

Open courseware is an entire course, often at the college or university level, that can be accessed without charge over the Internet.  Some courses require only a browser to access while others require special software like iTunesU.

[ direct link: ]