Event attendance tracking solutions at UofT

A few weeks ago I sent out a note asking if anyone at UofT had an event attendance tracking solution (not a registration system). I received a number of responses, which I now share back with the community. I haven’t seen them or tried any (so I make no claims about them), but if you are looking for one, please consider contacting a colleague before purchasing a new system:

UTM ATS (Attendance Tracking System) – web based mobile solution; can be
bluetooth paired to a wireless barcode scanner.
Contacts:  Gerald Murray gerald.murray(at)utoronto.ca UTM Registrar IT and/or
Cesar Mejia cesar.mejia(at)utoronto.ca UTM Registrar IT

Student Life IT attendance tracker (AT) – Windows 7/8; input from a
magnetic card reader or barcode scanner (i.e., library barcode).
Contact:  Do Anh Vu, Student Life IT <ad.vu(at)utoronto.ca>

MADLab has an attendance tracker – simple mobile/web ³check-in² service.
Contact:  Michael Spears <mike.spears(at)utoronto.ca>

Math uses iModules
Contact: Pamela Brittain, Math <pamb(at)math.toronto.edu>

Raspberry Pi-based Barcode Scanning
Contact: Dan Astoorian <djast(at)ecf.utoronto.ca>, Engineering

Advancement Spring Reunion tracking tool.
Contact: Emily Pimblett, Associate Director of Events

Enrolment services looking at an app.
Contact:  Octavio Gonzalez, Enrolment Services

Growing our Teaching Technology Toolbox at UofT

Innovative approaches to teaching and learning are evident throughout the University of Toronto. People at UofT are constantly discovering (or sometimes building) and evaluating new applications that enhance teaching and support student learning. While instructors try out apps, websites and services that may be appropriate for their own teaching contexts, there are overall institutional contexts that also need to be considered.

The purpose of this short document is to explain some of the factors that go into decisions about integrating these new apps and services; the processes need to be transparent, so everyone, including the app makers, know how it works.

Please click here to read the whole document. – thanks