Dr. Kimberley MacKinnon

I am pleased to let the community know that Dr. Kimberley MacKinnon has accepted a formal role to work with the ACT group, providing us with ongoing scholarly input, expertise and analysis, particularly around the Academic Toolbox Renewal initiative (http://toolboxrenewal.act.utoronto.ca) and tool integration process. Dr. MacKinnon will provide the team with scholarly guidance as we begin conducting structured interviews and data gathering related to the functional requirements of a next-generation Learning Management Engine (http://toolboxrenewal.act.utoronto.ca/core-learning-management-engine/), and in reporting the findings back to the community.

Dr. MacKinnon teaches in the Master of Teaching (MT) program at OISE, and serves as the Technology Course Lead within that program. Dr. MacKinnon’s research interests include technological design affordances for learning, technology infusion, teacher professional development, online and mobile technologies, and computer-supported collaborative learning. In addition to her teaching and research work, Dr. MacKinnon is part of the Pepper Project team – a research initiative dedicated to the design of a web-based collaborative workspace that offers a variety of specialized knowledge building features and social networking tools that support student inquiry.

On a personal note, I am grateful that Kim has agreed to help us with this very important institutional initiative and I look forward to working with her and getting her input and advice as we move forward with the Academic Toolbox Renewal.

Shout out to ACT Staff

I just want to give a quick shout-out to ACT staff who won some awards at yesterday’s University Operations Annual Staff Achievement Awards ceremony. In particular, ACT members were part of two winning Outstanding Staff Team Award groups – the Lamp Server Compromise Response Team and the Learning Technologies Interoperability team.

You can read more about the VPUO Awards here:

And more about the Staff Team groups and projects here: