2015-16 ITIF Open for Proposals

The ITIF is a seed fund designed to catalyze initiatives that immediately and directly impact University of Toronto education and teaching programs through innovation and development. The ITIF is focused specifically on the practical applications of technology in design, implementation, evaluation, curriculum renewal, faculty development, or continuing education initiatives that enrich learning. The ITIF is intended to support strategic directions in education broadly, across all disciplines. The proposed deliverable and outcomes must be closely aligned with the ongoing goals and objectives of the departments and programs from which they emerge. This year’s ITIF seeks to address the theme of Powerful Assessment by encouraging instructors and departments to submit project proposals that will result in the development of technology-mediated innovative assessment strategies at the course or program level.

For more, please read: http://memos.provost.utoronto.ca/call-for-proposals-provosts-instructional-technology-innovation-fund

Just for fun: best LMS message of the month :)

This was posted by someone on a higher ed edtech listserv:

“I would no more choose an LMS today which doesn’t comply 100% with 1) IMS Question & Test Interoperability 2)Learning Tools Interoperability and 3) Learning Analytics Interoperabilty (either xAPI or Caliper) than I would agree to set my hair on fire while smoking a joint and standing downwind of a petroleum processing plant.”

Brilliant 🙂

Posted with permission of the original author:
Laura Gekeler
LMS Administrator
Teaching and Learning Technologies
Apereo Foundation Board ’14-2017
University of Notre Dame