Prof. Melody Neumann wins IMS Global App Challenge

A big congratulations to Melody Neumann, Associate Professor at University of Toronto, who has won the IMS Global 3rd Annual App Challenge in the Institutional App category for the online tool Team Up!.

Team Up! started as a tool for synchronous online group work that enables groups of students to work on problem sets remotely in real time. The tool can be used in any discipline and was designed to facilitate good group dynamics during synchronous online group work, as well as provide a mechanism for peer teaching, immediate feedback, and part marks for approximate answers.

Read more about Melody’s award here:

Janice Patterson to Provide Leadership Around LME ‘Test Drives’

For several months, the University has been working towards issuing an RFP for a Learning Management Engine, a core piece of our Academic Toolbox Renewal Initiative. A key process of the LME RFP will be a chance for members of the UofT community to “test drive” a select number of solutions that make it through a rigourous evaluation process.

We are very grateful that Janice Patterson, Associate Director of the Centre for Teaching & Learning at the University of Toronto Scarborough, has agreed to help design and provide leadership around this test drive phase of the Toolbox Renewal Initiative.

Janice is uniquely positioned to provide the necessary leadership for this phase of the initiative. First, as Associate Director of one of UofT’s premier faculty development and teaching support groups, she has an in-depth and intimate understanding of the entire landscape. Second, Janice has been directly involved in the Toolbox Renewal Initiative from the outset.

And third, and perhaps most importantly, Janice brings a heightened awareness of divisional needs to the conversation.

For the last two years, the initiative team has been consulting widely and deeply with divisions and other major stakeholders. The, toolbox, is, after all, a pan-university ecosystem. But as we moved towards the LME RFP, with its community test drive phase, the project team, and our executive sponsors, felt that it would be a great opportunity to have a deep partnership with someone from a major division, who could really ensure we capture as wide a range of feedback as we could. We are very grateful to Janice, and the Centre for Teaching & Learning, for the willingness to provide this necessary leadership for the test drive phase.

For now, the actual RFP is still being developed, but you soon will be hearing more from Janice about the test drives. Please stay tuned.

TechSmith Relay 5 is now live

From Scott Hollows, Senior A/V Specialist
Academic & Collaborative Technologies (ACT),
Information Technology Services (ITS),
University of Toronto


TechSmith Relay 5 is now live.

Among the more important features of this new release, clients are no longer limited to posting from the University network, or via VPN.  Uploads can now be made via TechSmith Relay 5 from any network.  Version 5 also resolves an existing issue preventing screen captures from Mac OS 10.10.5

As with previous versions of TechSmith Relay, all recordings uploaded to TechSmith Relay are transferred to the University of Toronto Libraries’ MyMedia service for long term streaming and storage.  Any recordings previously encoded on TechSmith Relay 4 will continue to exist on the MyMedia server, and will not be effected by the change in TechSmith Relay Software.

There is no option to “update” from within an existing installation of TechSmith Relay 4.  A fresh install of TechSmith Relay 5 will be required for all clients.  While TechSmith Relay 4 will be maintained during the migration to Version 5, we will be contacting any remaining clients on version 4 and encouraging them to migrate to version 5 ASAP.  TechSmith Relay Version 4 will be decommissioned during the summer term.

Podium PC’s on St. George campus will be upgraded to TechSmith Relay 5 during an overnight update tonight, Friday, April 8.  UTM and UTSC podium PC’s will be updated in due course.

Updated documentation has been posted to

Any questions or issues can be directed to