Living Our Strategic Vision

Over the past year, the University of Toronto, led by our CIO Bo Wandschneider, has been engaged in a deep and meaningful IT strategic planning process. You can read more about that process in this article, “New ITS strategic plan to guide the future of tech at U of T,” but the Vision that we collectively developed really captures a new spirit here at our University:

“IT@UofT provides leadership that enables the University to achieve
our mission by fostering an integrated and collaborative community,
built on creativity, agility, transparency and trust.”

For us in the Academic & Collaborative Technologies group, this Vision isn’t just a ‘bunch of words’ stuck on a wall. They are ideas we strive to live by.

On June 20th and June 21st, ACT was thrilled to host two days of onsite Quercus (Canvas) professional development at the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation. More than 40 professional expert staff from ALL OVER the university spent time together, creatively building an agile and collaborative community, in a safe (trust) space for learning.

Picture of Staff at Training SessionPicture of Staff at Training Session

Technologies come, and technologies go, and while it did take a lot of collaborative effort to roll out Quercus as part of our Academic Toolbox Renewal, the greatest outcome has been the reinvigoration of our professional edtech staff community of practice, and we are pleased to support this exceptional and strategic development, enabling our colleagues to provide important and valuable leadership in each of their divisions.

We hope we’ve identified all edtech professionals currently working at the University of Toronto, but if we’ve missed you, please let us know … drop us a quick note to (at)