Educational Technology Related Guidelines

An esteemed colleague at another Ontario university recently asked colleagues about educational technology policies.  “I am curious about the educational technology policies (for students and faculty) that people have in place at your respective institutions. Policies or mechanisms around such things as procurement, tech requirements for students, adoption of new tech, etexts, institutionally supported versus non-supported software, that sort of thing,” wrote  Dr. Richard Gorrie, Associate Director of Educational Technology Research, Development & Integration at the University of Guelph.

At the University of Toronto, we have a number of relevant documents and sites, so I thought curating them into a single answer would make for a good blog post, with information that others might find helpful.

• • •

Process for Adding New Technologies to our Academic Toolbox

Dealing with tools and services outside of the Academic Toolbox

Provostial Guidelines on the Use of Digital Learning Materials

Academic Integrity at the University of Toronto

Copyright Resources (including Fair Dealing Guidelines)

Turnitin Information (including Conditions of Use)

Appropriate Use of Technology Guidelines

Information Risk Management Assessment (used in the evaluation of new tools)

Procurement Information for Prospective Suppliers