COVID Update: Who is Asking for Help (Part 1)

Like almost all North American schools (and many around the world), we’ve had to switch the way we teach and learn due to the Covid-19 pandemic. That means significant increases in the use of technology, and in demand for support around those technologies. In a series of posts, we will be sharing some visualizations of those changes.

In this post we share the data on who is asking for our help – in part one, by Division. At UofT, the concept of a “Division” refers to our major schools and faculties. The numbers for “academic technology” are fairly consistent with the expected distribution, where our Arts & Science faculty is about a third of the total university population by students. The distribution for Teams support, on the other hand, requires some additional analysis.

EdTech by DIvision

EdTech support by Division

Teams By Division

Teams support by Division