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Interesting article about LMS adoption

September 29, 2014

For those interested in the LMS world, here’s an interesting little article:

Publisher integrations

September 8, 2014

A number of instructors at UofT are interested in using various teaching and learning tools produced by various publishers, especially for assessment activities. In many cases, instructors have asked us to integrate those tools into our overall educational technology ecosystem. Integrating a third-party tool has many layers of complexity – technical integration, integration with our … Read More

Growing our Teaching Technology Toolbox at UofT

August 6, 2014

Innovative approaches to teaching and learning are evident throughout the University of Toronto. People at UofT are constantly discovering (or sometimes building) and evaluating new applications that enhance teaching and support student learning. While instructors try out apps, websites and services that may be appropriate for their own teaching contexts, there are overall institutional contexts … Read More