Staff News: Bethany Babinchak

It is with mixed feelings that I write to tell you that our colleague Bethany Babinchak is moving to a new position at the University, starting on Monday. Obviously, I wish Bethany well in her new role with Ancillary Services, but I will miss her here in ACT.

I have grown to appreciate Bethany’s commitment to organizational processes, and I have learned a great deal from working with her. She has many accomplishments while here, from managing the yearly ITIF process to conducting an extensive forensic analysis of our webservices projects.

I first met Bethany while she was still a student (studying architecture) and I was at the Faculty of Medicine. Bethany was hired to organize a massive collection of films and videos that was saved from the garbage heap. Through her singular efforts, she managed to ensure that some extremely valuable material was not lost to oblivion, including the last
interview/documentary of Charles Best before his death. Her work ethic and dedication were not lost on me, and I was happy to have her as part of the ACT team once she was done with school.

In more recently times, Bethany has been studying accounting, and I know her new position will afford her opportunities for professional development in that direction.

Please join me in thanking her for her years of service and in wishing her best of luck with her new job.