Thank you to Shannonn Kelly

As many of you know, Shannonn Kelly came to ACT last year to help provide some initial project management activities related to two ACT projects – technical upgrades to the CE system, and the first two phases of the Academic Toolbox Renewal initiative.

As both of those are now (mostly) complete, Shannonn will be moving on to spend more time with a variety of her other interactive project clients in education, banking, retail, tourism and film industries.

This was my second round working with Shannonn; we first worked together when I was working in OISE’s Computer Services division and Shannonn was a research and project manager for a professor at OISE who specialized in technology, assessment and learning.

I have greatly appreciated Shannonn’s organizational skills and her incredible flexibility, especially during the start-up phase of the Toolbox Renewal initiative. During her time here, our team met with dozens of key stakeholder groups, and multiple scores of people throughout the University. Her efforts were instrumental in allowing us to achieve that goal.

Shannonn will be finishing off some final project management tasks through the remainder of the semester. I know you will all join me in wishing her the very best with her project management consulting work.

(PS – you can reach Shannonn via her website, – don’t forget the extra N at the end of her name 😀 )