The Portal on Sunday

As many of you know, many students who logged in to the Portal early on Sunday, April 6, couldn’t find their course websites.

The Portal (known to some as Blackboard) was actually functioning perfectly. Unfortunately a glitch on another system was responsible for the ‘absent’ courses. Once the Portal support team figured that out, we worked with the owners of that other system, and applied a fix so that students could access their course sites. Most, if not all, students should have had their access restored by 15:00 yesterday.

This week has been an excellent example of how small things can have a big effect on our lives, and how interconnected our systems and lives have become. We couldn’t think of a worse time for glitches – the week before exams – but it’s also important to understand that with complex, interconnected systems, glitches do happen.

While we are very sorry students and instructors were affected this week, I am very grateful to all our support staff who moved quickly to resolve problems, and take comfort in knowing that our main educational environment, the Portal itself, has been well during this important and busy time.

Thank you for your understanding.