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ACT Staff

Shout out to ACT Staff

September 2, 2015

I just want to give a quick shout-out to ACT staff who won some awards at yesterday’s University Operations Annual Staff Achievement Awards ceremony. In particular, ACT members were part of two winning Outstanding Staff Team Award groups – the Lamp Server Compromise Response Team and the Learning Technologies Interoperability team. You can read more … Read More

Armin Krauss Joins ACT

August 28, 2015

From Marco Di Vitorio, Manager, ACT Application Administration I’m pleased to announce that Armin Krauss will be joining the ACT Operations team on August 31st. Armin will be managing the environment for the University homepage collection as well as supporting the design, development and ongoing operation of our next generation web services offerings. Armin’s academic … Read More

Melvin Chien Joins ACT

From Saira Mall, Manager, ACT Support I am delighted to announce that Melvin Chien has joined the ACT Support team as Faculty Liaison, Technology. As a frontline member of the ACT Support team, Melvin will provide direct support, training and documentation development for Portal Help, and on the use of academic and collaborative technologies. Melvin … Read More

Mariana Jardim to join ACT

July 10, 2015

From: Saira Mall, Manager, ACT Support Dear Colleagues, I am very pleased to announce that Mariana Jardim will be joining the ACT Support team as Faculty Liaison, Teaching, Learning and Technology on Monday July 13th.  Mariana will develop, deliver and assess CTSI programming on academic and collaborative technologies, consult with faculty and provide feedback on … Read More

ACT Staff Changes

December 1, 2014

Good morning. I’m writing to let you know about some recent staff changes in the ACT Group. First, long-time ITS member Yvonne Heath has taken retirement. Yvonne joined ACT as part of the ICS realignment a couple of years ago. Prior to being part of ICS, Yvonne was a member of the AMS team. During … Read More

Staff News: Bethany Babinchak

June 11, 2014

It is with mixed feelings that I write to tell you that our colleague Bethany Babinchak is moving to a new position at the University, starting on Monday. Obviously, I wish Bethany well in her new role with Ancillary Services, but I will miss her here in ACT. I have grown to appreciate Bethany’s commitment … Read More