A&S Online Learning Academy

April 9, 2020

In response to the rapidly changing teaching and learning environment, our Faculty of Arts & Science recently launched its A&S Online Learning Academy to bring together professors and instructors to share their expertise in providing outstanding online learning opportunities for our students.

“We want to ensure students have access to high-calibre courses, regardless of the sustained impact of COVID-19,” said Melanie Woodin, ean of the Faculty of Arts & Science. “Arts & Science students, wherever they are in the world, can continue their education remotely this summer by registering for a wide-variety of online courses. Our Academy will support the professors and instructors of those courses in using cutting-edge teaching tools to support both student learning and the student experience.”

Don Boyes

Prof. Don Boyes

The new Academy is headed by Prof. Don Boyes, one our favourite faculty members, who we often turn to for advice and insight on the use of technology in teaching and learning. While this is an Arts & Science initiative, we know the whole University will benefit from the work and Don’s leadership.

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