Interesting Reading Part 2

Here are some more interesting reads that have crossed my desk. I certainly don’t agree with all the opinions, but it’s good to understand different perspectives:


Why Audrey Watters Thinks Tech Is a Trojan Horse Set to ‘Dismantle’ the Academy By Jeffrey R. Young May 18, 2016

Innovation in Learning Spaces: How We Are Reinventing the Classroom
May 16, 2016 – by Mark Robbins

6 Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Faculty and IT – Finding your own “unicorn” and other ways to create healthier relationships between academia and the IT department. By Michael Hart 03/10/16

What’s Really to Blame for the Failures of Our Learning-Management Systems
By Michael Feldstein March 08, 2016

Advancing Technology and Online Learning – An Ideal Match for the Future
TeachOnline Blog

Gamification, personalization and continued education are trending in edtech
Posted Apr 8, 2016 by Sean O’Connor

Technology and the Imminent Disruption of Higher Education: Is Fear the Path to the Dark Side? by David Wheeler

Tyler Cowen Says Online Professors Should Think Like Bloggers
By Jeffrey R. Young April 12, 2016

Scholars wary of technology ‘over-promising and under-delivering’-
McGraw-Hill Education chief executive says companies must work to allay ‘legitimate concerns’ of higher education staff April 14, 2016  By Chris Havergal

Only 1 in 5 Students Obtain All Learning Materials Legally  – A new study on student piracy makes a convincing case for open educational resources in higher education. By Sri Ravipati 04/13/16