COVID Update: Additional Support “Staff”

Like almost all North American schools (and many around the world), we’ve had to switch the way we teach and learn due to the Covid-19 pandemic. That means significant increases in the use of technology, and in demand for support around those technologies. In a series of posts, we will be sharing some visualizations of those changes.

As the University’s educational technology professionals have moved into a work-for-home mode in order to continue providing support, they’ve been joined, in many cases, by another type of support ‘professional.’ In this post, we are happy to share some pictures of those new members of the team, as shared by our EdTech crew. By the way, did you know that cats are fascinated by hearing multiple different voices coming out of a single source (a computer) during a video or audio conference?

"pets UofT EdTech support ‘professionals’ in action at homes all around the GTA