Update on Email Migrations & Quotas

We have received approval for some short term expansion of Exchange infrastructure, so we are able to partially relax restrictions imposed on Dec. 1st regarding UTORmail to UTORExchange migrations.

Because the expansion provides only temporary relief for space pressures, please be judicious in requesting migrations – if the migration is not urgently needed, please hold off for now.  Requests will continue to be evaluated and processed manually. (The automated, self-service provisioning website will not be reinstated at this time.)

For now, we are hoping to avoid quota increases. We ask that you work with your clients to clean up their mailboxes (delete unneeded messages and attachments, or at least store them offline), as an alternative to asking for more quota.

Account creation for employees new to the University (i.e., they don’t have an existing account) has never been frozen, and such requests will continue to be honoured.

This investment provides only temporary relief, to accommodate the delay in resolving our sustainable renewal plan for faculty and staff e-communications services.