TechSmith Relay 5 is now live

From Scott Hollows, Senior A/V Specialist
Academic & Collaborative Technologies (ACT),
Information Technology Services (ITS),
University of Toronto


TechSmith Relay 5 is now live.

Among the more important features of this new release, clients are no longer limited to posting from the University network, or via VPN.  Uploads can now be made via TechSmith Relay 5 from any network.  Version 5 also resolves an existing issue preventing screen captures from Mac OS 10.10.5

As with previous versions of TechSmith Relay, all recordings uploaded to TechSmith Relay are transferred to the University of Toronto Libraries’ MyMedia service for long term streaming and storage.  Any recordings previously encoded on TechSmith Relay 4 will continue to exist on the MyMedia server, and will not be effected by the change in TechSmith Relay Software.

There is no option to “update” from within an existing installation of TechSmith Relay 4.  A fresh install of TechSmith Relay 5 will be required for all clients.  While TechSmith Relay 4 will be maintained during the migration to Version 5, we will be contacting any remaining clients on version 4 and encouraging them to migrate to version 5 ASAP.  TechSmith Relay Version 4 will be decommissioned during the summer term.

Podium PC’s on St. George campus will be upgraded to TechSmith Relay 5 during an overnight update tonight, Friday, April 8.  UTM and UTSC podium PC’s will be updated in due course.

Updated documentation has been posted to

Any questions or issues can be directed to