MEMO: Staff Changes in ACT

It is with mixed emotions that I write to tell you that both Rosemary Kasyom and Michael Clark will be moving to new UofT departments in the next few weeks. Both Rosemary and Mike have been excellent colleagues throughout our evolution (AMS, ICS, and ACT), and I want to thank them for their collegiality.

For the last few years, Rosemary has been the lead on a series of major projects for the Department of Medicine, which have occupied her time almost exclusively. The DoM has decided to expand their activities, and Rosemary will be continuing her work as part of that Department directly. As development work expands in the DoM, they are very excited to have Rosemary join them, and Rosemary is excited about the increased opportunities that come with this change.

Like Rosemary, Mike had his start at UofT with what was then called AMS. Mike’s background in understanding design and human interactions through studies in psychology and photography are taking him off to EASI as a user experience designer, where he will be heavily involved in a number of NGSIS projects, among other things. EASI is eagerly awaiting Mike’s arrival, and he too is excited about the new opportunities.

While we won’t have Rosemary and Mike’s conviviality with us on a daily basis any longer, we look forward to seeing them on campus regularly, especially at various community events like TechKnowFile. Please join me wishing Rosemary and Michael all the best as they embark on these new phases in their careers.