Project Update: Audience Response Systems

Starting the beginning of March 2011, we have begun a retrospective review of Audience Response Systems (‘clickers’) here at University of Toronto. We are initiating this conversation for a few reasons.

A number of years ago, CTSI purchased iClicker brand clickers and in the subsequent years, that brand has become the unofficial default brand at UofT. However, iClicker is going through some changes in its technology, plus, some faculty members have independently been trying different brands (which could lead to some students having to buy more than one clicker). We also have a number of new courses coming, where classes are video-conferenced between our different campuses and will require an audience response system that works in more than one location at a time. In addition to these factors, changes in the use of mobile devices have had an impact on the definition of audience response systems.

All of these factors can/will have a significant impact on our students and faculty, our infrastructure, and our ability to support and make best use of clickers here at UofT.

There are no preconceived expectations on the outcome of such a discussion, other than if we were able to propose a more formal standard for our university, it would need to be financially fair to our students and our school, it must allow for audience responses from more than one campus at a time, and it must make pedagogical sense.

If you are a member of the University of Toronto community with an interest in audience response systems (clickers), we would welcome your input into the discussion. Please contact at us at ati @ utoronto . ca (please remove the spaces in the address before sending).