Feedback: Form Scanning

We are starting to look at a new topic, and we’d like to hear from anyone interested … form scanning (a.k.a. Scantron services). So far we have identified 7 departments at UofT that have form scanners that are primarily used for academic purposes (test scoring, evaluations, etc.). A number of issues have arisen, and we will be starting a working group to discuss them (for example, several of the scanners are beginning to show their age).

If you or someone on your team is currently operating a form scanner (Scantron or otherwise), we would very much like to hear from you (or that person). If you have a client who is a very big user of scanning services (emphasis on very) we’d like to get their names as well (it’s likely an administrator with a department or less likely a faculty member/TA who is responsible for large classes).

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