Reading: eLearning in India

Given the vast numbers of students and challenges of delivery, the Indian education landscape is attempting to adopt technology-enabled learning. With 673 million (60 per cent) of the population below 30 years of age (median age: 25 years), the sector has immense potential. I’ve been reading some articles about eLearning in India, looking for ideas that might have relevance to our work here in Canada. Here are some of the interesting points and questions raised:

  • Nearly 10 million students have logged into online classrooms
  • India e-learning moving from outward-looking to servicing India
  • eLearning and IT development driven by private sector education business
  • Scaling up and dealing with diverse population the major challenges
  • NGOs offering online skills training to youth living in urban slums & rural areas
  • Executive education programs banking on mobile learning
  • American schools delivering online programs to Indians
  • Q: Is the quality of online teachers better than F2F?
  • Q: Is online tutoring cheaper than F2F tutoring?

Some References (please send others if you have them):

Harvard brings e-learns for Indian managers by Namrata Singh: The Times of India, 05/07/2011

In a class of its own by T.E. RAJA SIMHAN: The Hindu Business Line; July 17, 2011

Finally E-learning Begins in India – with a Bang!

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