Event attendance tracking solutions at UofT

A few weeks ago I sent out a note asking if anyone at UofT had an event attendance tracking solution (not a registration system). I received a number of responses, which I now share back with the community. I haven’t seen them or tried any (so I make no claims about them), but if you are looking for one, please consider contacting a colleague before purchasing a new system:

UTM ATS (Attendance Tracking System) – web based mobile solution; can be
bluetooth paired to a wireless barcode scanner.
Contacts:  Gerald Murray gerald.murray(at)utoronto.ca UTM Registrar IT and/or
Cesar Mejia cesar.mejia(at)utoronto.ca UTM Registrar IT

Student Life IT attendance tracker (AT) – Windows 7/8; input from a
magnetic card reader or barcode scanner (i.e., library barcode).
Contact:  Do Anh Vu, Student Life IT <ad.vu(at)utoronto.ca>

MADLab has an attendance tracker – simple mobile/web ³check-in² service.
Contact:  Michael Spears <mike.spears(at)utoronto.ca>

Math uses iModules
Contact: Pamela Brittain, Math <pamb(at)math.toronto.edu>

Raspberry Pi-based Barcode Scanning
Contact: Dan Astoorian <djast(at)ecf.utoronto.ca>, Engineering

Advancement Spring Reunion tracking tool.
Contact: Emily Pimblett, Associate Director of Events

Enrolment services looking at an app.
Contact:  Octavio Gonzalez, Enrolment Services