Pilot Projects

A couple of our colleagues, Fareed Teja and Simone Laughton, recently suggested that it would be great to have a place to list pilot projects being conducted by different units around the university. It might help with collaborative efforts (or save someone time if a pilot was already being conducted). It could even lead to a community of practice around a particular idea or technology.

We (the ACT group) offered to host such a list – for academic and collaborative technologies* – on our website.

Fareed kindly gave us the first sample pilot project description, which we have posted to a new page on our website: http://act.utoronto.ca/pilot-projects/ (just click on the name of the project to see the details).

So, this is a Call for Items – if you are working on a pilot project related to academic and collaborative technologies,* please send a description (not too long; see Fareed’s for an example) and we’ll be happy to post it.  You can send it to:  ati@utoronto.ca

Thanks and I look forward to reading them.


* NB – academic & collaborative technologies refers to teaching and learning technologies, video-mediated technologies, synchronous/asynchronous communications technologies, web/CMS technologies, and mobile app development.